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APPLICATION TO RENT OR LEASE. Unit No. ... yo Have you ever willfully and Intentionally refused to pay any rent when due ? Have you ever ... FORM 105-TA (03-2008) COPYRIGHT BY PROFESSIONAL PUBLISHING,
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[MUSIC PLAYING] Communication is the heart of human interaction. Currently, because of the advancement of technology, modern communication is not limited to simply the written word. Instead, it is multimodal, spoken, written, visual, in print, or digital forms. In addition to needing to read and understand the information they are exposed to, they are also expected to be able to clearly convey their thoughts and analysis to others. Because of the proliferation of digital and print, the need for effective communication is no longer confined to the humanities classes. Instead, to be college and career ready it is important for students to be able to communicate clearly, and persuasively, with a variety of audiences and subjects. Sometimes their presentations are in person, at other times, students must be able to create a professional looking product that can be published in a blog or magazine. Word Online can help students create professional documents ready for publishing, no matter what the content area. Really? How so? Can you show me a lesson where your students have used Word Online to create a professional document? Absolutely. My students just finished an art project, in which I asked them to create a piece of artwork that captured their happiest moment. Once they had created the piece of art, I asked the students to describe, one, their personal narrative about that moment, two, how they created their piece of art, and three, how the art brought their happiest moment to life. They then turned their responses into blog posts. The end products are shaping up nicely, everyone is finishing their post this week. Wow, this one was beautiful. What features in Word Online helped them create, and publish a blog that looks like a professional did it? Let me have one of my students walk us through it. When I logged into Office 365, I created a Word document by clicking on the word tile. There are templates to choose from where I can start from the blank document. Because I knew I was creating a blog, I scrolled down to the bottom of the templates, and clicked on see more templates, which took me to a new page where I typed blog in the search box. I found a template for a personal journal that I felt would be a good fit for the assignment. I clicked on it in browser and got started while the templates offered me a few headings for the post, I needed to add another one. Just like that, Word online let me type a heading for this section. Once I finished writing my post, Word Online has a digital writing assistant, called editor, that helped me. One of my weaknesses the spelling, and I love that editor pointed out my misspelled words. But what I love even more, is that it helped me with words that sound the same. The editor is smart and read my sentence, and pointed out when I was possibly using the wrong word. For example, here I have the word pair, but it's used incorrectly. It should be spelled P-A-I-R, and the editor showed me that. This is very...